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Online Hotel Booking System

Nothing but the Online Hotel Booking System for your hotel

Always keeping you two steps ahead of the competition, our hotel Room Reservation System is all about bringing you the maximum number of commission-free bookings while offering your guests a smooth booking experience. Not to forget, you can double your revenue by offering your guest various discounts, special offers, email marketing and more.

  • Theme Customization

    Along with a user-friendly hotel booking system, Pure iBooking allows you to customize and edit the booking engine theme as per your requirements.

  • Secure Payment Gateways

    Offering utmost security to your guest and you, we offer you multiple payment options including PCCI compliant payment gateways direct payments, credit cards and online banking.

  • Upsell with special offers, discounts and promotions

    Making the most of the Billboard effect, our hotel room reservation system allows you to increase booking by creating and offering multiple special offers, discount coupons, various seasonal and corporate packages and more.

  • Offer secret deals to your regular guests and corporate club members

    Make your regular guests and club members feel a little special by offering them special offers and discounts to be availed just by them. This will increase your revenue by inclining them to keep coming back for more.

  • Multiple Languages & Currencies

    Enabling you to explore and establish your presence in the international market, Pure iBooking supports multiple languages to attract visitors from all over the world. Additionally, our system also accepts payment in multiple currencies to aid international travellers to make their payment in their preferred currency.

  • Sell at the best rate with Yield Management

    Understanding the need of selling the right room at the right rate, our yield management tool, helps you analyse the current demands and various other factors allowing you to increase your booking revenue to a tremendous level.

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  • Sell more than just rooms

    Not just hotel rooms but our booking system even allows you to easily upsell hotel services spa, dry cleaning, in-house restaurants and more.

  • Seamless connectivity with Hotel PMS solution

    To ensure that you can provide the best of service to your guest, Pure iBooking engine seamlessly integrates with our hotel management solution. Additionally, we can even create a similar level of connectivity with your existing hotel software as well.

  • Make most of the hotel guest reviews

    The majority of the people check for guest reviews before booking a hotel room. Our reservation system allows you to select and publish positive reviews of your hotel on your website. Resulting in a higher guest engagement ratio and improved hotel-guest communication.

  • Increase communication with guests via email

    Directly connect with your guest via emails. Not only does our system allows you send automated emails with booking details but also promotional emails with discounts and more before, during and after their stay.

  • Quick and easy cancellation

    The easy-to-use hotel booking system offers you and your guest a two-click cancellation option adhering to the hotel's cancellation policy. Additionally, the cancellation is automatically updated in the hotel software as well as the booking engine so that you don't miss out on any other bookings.

  • Season and holiday reminder

    Helping you take advantage of the peak business season, our hotel room reservation system intimidates you about the upcoming long weekends, holidays and more. While the yield management tools help you determine the best selling price for the hotel rooms.

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Hotel Room Reservation Reports

All the stats, reports and data you need to get more commission free Hotel bookings

Utilizing the best of modern technology, Pure iBooking offers you a wide range of detailed and intelligent reports to help you make the decisions that count.

We give you direct access to your hotel's data in the form of various configurable and dynamic reports including current reservation statistics for Mobile, Desktop and even Facebook.


Online hotel room reservation
                        Booking System For Hotels

Giving you a complete 360-degree picture of your hotel, we provide you hundreds of quality reports such as current reservation, seasonal occupancy and more to help make better decisions and boost booking efficiency.

  • Record and log all transactions

    Keeping your hotel's security in mind, our booking solution, monitors and logs each and every transaction going through the system and who is the action triggered by. As a result, this enhances data security and increases accountability.

  • Guest Statistics

    We are focused on providing you everything you need to increase your business. With that in mind, we provide guest statistics, with details such as search criteria, the currency used by to make the payment, the booker's preferred package/rate plan and more to help you identify the most wanted aspects of your property and use it for future planning.

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Optimize your website's the performance with Pure iBooking API

Enabling you to enhance your website's user experience, our online Hotel Booking System allows you to easily connect numerous pre-integrated APIs to your website. As a result, you can make the most of the billboard effect and display various attractive hotel features and amenities such as swimming pool, spa, free breakfast and more on your website and even add a plug-in and receive direct bookings from your Facebook page.

  • Current Rates and Availability

    Easily configured in the back-end system, now get real-time information on the current rates and availability on your hotel website.

  • Set Restrictions

    Our unique online booking engine allows you to easily stop the sale of your hotel inventory online with a click of a button. In case of an influx of walk-in guests or change of itinerary of any existing guests, you can immediately restrict online sale of rooms in order to avoid overbooking.

  • Immediate Booking

    Our easy to use system allows your guest to not only view the room list and details but instantly book the room the like as well. As a result, you get unlimited commission-free bookings. Additionally, the seamlessly connected system automatically updates the new incoming booking into your hotel PMS as well as the updates the new inventory on your website.

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Manage multiple properties from the powerful central room reservation system

No more jumping from system to another, our booking solution provides you with a central reservation system to effortlessly manage multiple hotel properties. The toggle system of Pure iBooking allows you to instantly switch from one property to another and get access to all necessary information, including room rates, current occupancy, inventory and more for the all the connected properties.

  • Walk-in Bookings

    The smart system of Pure iBooking displays all occupancy and inventory related information right on the dashboard. Thus, your staff and you can analyse the data of the current and upcoming bookings and accordingly manage any walk-in guests at your property.

  • Detailed dashboard for bookings and revenue

    From a single detailed, explanatory and easy to read, graphical dashboard, our booking system gives the live status of all current bookings, occupancy rate and revenue derived from it.

  • Manage everything from a single dashboard

    Owing to the modern cloud technology, our online reservation system allows you manage the room rates, inventory, bookings and more from a single login panel.

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